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  • Her parents had love marriage that is opposed by her mother side. After marriage he father has been killed by his business enemies so her mother will married another person the story goes like this i want the name of the story please anyone tell me
    Hero sister arun ah love panuvanga heroine and her brother will be very close but his lover will not like that starting ah heroine oda brother soluvaru i can't leave my mom and sis but apa ok solitu after marriage hero will talk to heroine and ask her to stay away from her brother. And after some times we came to know that heroine is not his own sister but she is aunt daughter her mother is married to another person
    Intha site la na oru story padichitu irunthen but climax padikala i want the story name read the complete story
    The story will go like this hero is very big bussiness man come from a very rich family hero oda chithappa pona heroine oda anna marriage paniparu. Heorine oda appa rhomba nala hero oda bussiness la dhan work pandraru after him heroine oda anna vum hero kita dhan work pandraru avaru peru arun
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