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Help me find a novel name


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Hi friends. I read this novel long back I forgot the author name or character names. But i really loved the story and want to read it again. The story plot is
Hero is a kind hearted man. Heroine lives in joint family orthodox one with brothers. She works in tv channel and bold character. She goes to Hyderabad and hero and his friends also go to Hyderabad for tour. There heroine accidentally caught in red light area and to escape from there she lies to hero that she has some disease. But hero marries her and gives her money but she runs away from railway station and back to her home. She keeps the wedding thread in her bag. Hero searches for her. I think heroine name is Pooja. Not sure. Then heroines brother looks an alliance for her which is hero's friend. He comes and seeing the heroine accuses her of cheating. The story goes like this. Plz someone help me find this novel.