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What can you do to stay away from the RuneScape scam?


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Do not take your top and most valuable items and Buy OSRS Gold while you travel to the Wilderness with uninitiated people

Avoid going to the depths with unknown individuals

Just run away if you ever get suspicious

2. Social Engineering

This particular area is worthy of its own book. From friends to strange people and even strangers, people use their social skills and manipulation to steal your bank account or even items. They may make up a story and promise huge rewards or just ask for a quick peek - don't believe them!

NEVER. Absolutely, never share your account details with other individuals. If they're friends or enemies If you share an account password, no one else is accountable for the consequences that follow. The scammer is a criminal, but you'll have a difficult time proving that he is guilty, and any achievements or data are gone forever.

Social engineering is the broadest category of scamming yet it can be difficult to identify scammers. They appear like genuine people with a desire to help. They might make friends, be altruistic, or even aid you before trying to scam you.

There isn't anything like free memberships, quick improvement in skills, and the like. Everything in this game is earned through hard work, which means you won't find any magical solutions to your current issues. Social engineering generally revolves around obtaining login information from the account's owner. Through manipulation and deceit, social engineers seek to gain access to your account information in order to gain full control over your accounts with osrs fire cape.

Another of the more popular methods of social engineering is fake emails. These are extremely hard to identify at times but they do have the same pattern. All Runescape emails are addressed to you using your username. So "Dear player" ought to immediately trigger suspicion. Jagex uses the domain "", other email addresses are most certainly fake. Even if you think the information is written in fluent English and credible - be skeptical! Contact Jagex support first to make sure and report the scammers themselves.